Saturday, April 21

Easing back in ....!

Sooooo's... what... late April....!! How are you all doing?? :D    Things around here are, well, .... things.   We're busy doing and busy seeing, kite flying days, nature reserves, frog and snake spotting etc.  Lately, with the warming of the earth, we've been out more at the lake and out in nature.  There's something wonderful about the outdoors that just gets right in there and speaks to your soul.  Certainly mine anyway.  Hubby goes out most mornings to the lake with a cup of coffee and his camera and he'll watch the geese and pelicans, he'll watch the mist rise from the lake and search for frogs along the banks.  Lately he's started asking me to go with him.  I'm honored to be asked to join him in his quiet place and the two of us set out together in the cool morning air and quietly take in the sights and sounds.  The other morning we were lucky enough to see Carp spawning in the shallows off the edge of a lake..  we stood for almost an hour and watched hundreds of huge fish thrashing around in the water.  I called the children and told them we were coming to pick them up... they needed to see this...  I'd never seen anything like it before and we all felt privileged to be able to see something so incredible up close.  

Baby number 3 seems to be coming along well.... kicking and nudging me into awareness each morning.  We lay together, Baby and I, each night before sleep and each morning before rising, I rest my hands on my belly and feel the movements as we both get comfortable for the night or day ahead.  One more week to go and we will reach the 21 week mark where my last pregnancy ended.  I'm surprised at how much this looming date has scared me.  I don't feel that there is anything wrong with this pregnancy whereas with the last one, I knew from the start it felt doomed.  I know that the loss was due to an infection which I do not have this time around.  My lovely midwife had us have an ultrasound at week 18 to be sure there is nothing that looks out of the ordinary and everything looks "perfect" but still....  I will be very happy to see the back of the 21st week.   Once week 30 arrives I think then we will feel safe enough to relax and prepare for a new little one in our lives.

So here we are, counting each day that passes and being grateful for each new day that dawns.  This is the way the summer will go by.  Hopefully I can get back into the habit of writing some more but if not have a happy and beautiful spring and I'll be back again soon enough.

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