Thursday, January 12

Hey there fellow earth dwellers!

Well yesterday was a fun and a busy one...! I'd forgotten about a bunch of appointments we had so spent the whole day rushing around playing catch up!  Had fun anyway and still managed to find the time to sign myself up to have my head shaved!  As you do you know?!?! :D  I'm going to try and raise some money for Childhood Cancer Prevention...  we'll see how it goes...but March 10th???  It's going to get pretty chilly above my face!!

Today was cold...12 degrees F.   We hunkered down, lit the fire and watched moves most of the day!  We watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off... I'd forgotten how much I love that movie!!! Don'tchya love a "Feel Good" movie once in a while?!?! ... so basically not a lot to report..I finished off a parer shawl have been working on so soon time to start the hat... (I'm stalling in case you hadn't noticed as I haven't followed this pattern before, but I know it will be lovely!  I'm just odd that way! ) I made a fabulous dinner of slow cooked chicken and potatoes cooked in Olive oil... the potatoes roasted on the bottom and then I mashed them with cream and butter...... oh boy!!   Slathered with chicken gravy we all ate like hogs!!!!  .... hmm... that should probably read differently.....  the chicken and potatoes we slathered with gravy, not us....!!

Anyway, now back to my blazing fireplace with a nice cup of coffee and some dark chocolate kisses!!!  Hmmmm!!! ;D

See you on the flip side, peeps!

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