Monday, January 9

Another day... another day.....!! ;D

Well these days are tending to run one into another right now!!!   Having a husband out of a job and being home a lot of the time tends to make it hard to remember what day it is!!! ;D   Hubs went out for the day today though so it was a bit more "normal" around here!  I had taken some Benadryl last night and slept like a ROCK!!  I'm not exactly sure I moved a muscle all night long!  I was a tad hungover when finally FORCED to get up at 9:30.....  ahem......  :}

A friend posted a link on Facebook this morning to Bohemian Rhapsody and I made Jessie watch it!!  I amazed myself by singing along to every word, and was thrilled at the complexity of the thing given how long ago it was made ( I say "How Long Ago" fully aware that I am as old as the song, so really, it was but a short time!!)   I told Jessie she HAD to watch it as it was something she would see or hear time and time again throughout her life and she needed to know where it came from!  I think I may have scared her a little bit.......

Moving on......!!

The weather was ridiculous hot again today ( for January I mean! ) and the kids spent the majority of the day outside. I love when they do that, especially when I don't have to "encourage " them to go out!!  ( I did have to "encourage" Jack to eat the delicious vegetable soup I made for lunch, but that's another story!! ) They played a little tennis, played with the neighbors cat and bounced the ball repeatedly against the wall of the house.   Ugh.  I have grown quite adept at tuning out certain things.... the hard time comes when I forget to tune back in!!

I decided to quickly walk the pooch to the post office so I could mail a ton of coupons to the military...  (One of my lovely neighbors actually cuts them all out for me... certainly speeds up the process immensely! )  I had to go fast as the post office was about to close.  Jack said he wanted to go too... he needed to get his shoes..... and a tissue..... hurry hurry........   He finally came running out the house, grabbed my hand and took off running down the driveway.  That boy is STRONG and he literally DRAGGED me down the street!!  

"Will we be running the whole way?!!"  I gasped.

"Yep!"  he yelled back.

Hmmm.   We got perhaps another half block from the house and he stopped and asked for a piggy back ride.  Hah.  I sent him home to Jessie with the promise of chocolate chips and continued at a far more leisurely (though somewhat speedy) pace to the post office!

When I returned from my walk (during which I witnessed a fire truck speed to a halt in front of a neighbors fire..... : }  ) the children were happily engrossed in more Story Cubes!!  ;D  I took a picture, which, again, remains on the camera!  Patience little one... someday I'll figure out my Mac and how to get pics on the blog again! ;D

Anyway, I figured I'd had fresh air, I'd accomplished an errand, I'd made a healthy lunch, cleaned the kitchen and made a cup of coffee..... thus it must be butt sitting time, Midsomer Murder watching and more scarf making!! ;D  I'm done with the length of it ( yeahy for crocheting with a HUGE needle! ) and tonight I'm planning on putting on the fringe!  I'd promise pictures but you know how that goes!! ;D  

So folks, until tomorrow......  I'll bid you adieu.....  I'm thinking a nice slug of Kahlua in my coffee will mellow me out just right tonight!! ;D    Toodles!!!  ***insert finger wave here!***

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