Tuesday, January 10

Do you ever just sit at the keyboard LAUGHING?!?!

LOL!!  See!! I'm doing it right now!!  I find mySELF amusing!! :D   Nah... I just commented on something on Facebook and the whole thing made me giggle!  If you ever need a really good laugh and you have a VERY open mind, try Damn You Auto Correct.  Believe me, if you are even the slightest bit likely to be offended OR you are younger than 16 (JESSIE!!!  This means YOU Madam!!!) then steer clear and check out the funny animal sites instead!  Sometimes though DYAC will have me weeping hysterically at the keyboard!!  Yeah... it's that funny!!!  Anyway, that's not where I was going to start this post but it sort of evolved all by it's self.... clever eh?! :D

Today has been a bit of a roller coaster!!  Don't get me wrong, not like a HUGE screaming Six Flags roller coaster, more like the caterpillar one you see at the fair... the one that your smallest kid wants to ride, your biggest kid refuses to be seen in and you either a) have to cram yourself in for what amounts to a trip in a washing machine or b) resort to bribing the nearest willing teen to ride along!  Basically it has it's ups and downs, leaves you feeling a bit shaken up and bruised but over~ridingly rather silly.  

It all started in the wee hours.  A small boy, one who should probably still be sleeping in his own bed, stumbles into my sleep waving a 3000 watt flashlight in my eyes.  Eeeeesh.....   climb in then...... mind the dog !!!  MIND THE CAT!!!   THAT'S MY BOOB!!!!    ( I am not overly endowed but somehow or other every time the boy climbs into bed with me he manages to either lean on with his elbow OR ( and this has only happened the once ) STEP on my nipples!!!!   Honestly the trials of being a nice parent!! ;D   Anyhoo... in he gets and we all get back to sleep somehow.  Hours pass.... actually only TWO hours pass but still, ya know, there it is....morning is here....  or what USED to be morning when hubby went to work and had to get up at 6......  these days if we are woken before 8 we're all grumpy and frustrated "What TIME is it?!!?  Wha???   Seven FIFTY???   What's the emergency?!?!"  so anyway... up early.  Hubs is a wonderful guy and takes Jackster downstairs to occupy him and I.... ( wait... Occupy as in keep him entertained not as in camp out in his grill.... just saying....  ) ... I went back to sleep!   ;D

I was actually pretty tired as the previous night I'd had a hard time getting to sleep.  An "incident" on Facebook was haunting me....   You know I try to be a nice person... I try to get along with everyone.... I'll ignore just about ANYTHING to keep the peace!  I try to say the right things, help people out but there will always be SOMEONE ... someone who takes you the wrong way and basically Hates Your Face !  I have someone like that and she was making me ill with her ways!!  I couldn't sleep worrying about it so consequently this morning took the chance to make up for lost sleep.  When I did get up I was still a little fractious!  ( I know!  I kept telling myself... Let it GO woman... ) so, looking back on it, it probably wasn't a good time to get into a heated discussion with my husband about the right way to teach my daughter math...Especially because I HATE math!!!  It DID result in us going to our separate corners to let off steam and then coming up with a super compromise whereby I don't have to teach math any more and he does!!!  Schweet!! ;D ... So.... there was that.  

Hubby then decided to go out for a while and take some photographs so the kids and I were left to our own devices!  Just how I like it on a weekday I might add!! ;D   We did crazy things like PLAY TENNIS.. in January!?!  I heard someone complaining of the HEAT in the sun... and was shocked to realize it was ME!   I should stop going on about how hot it's been because we are due for a rapid cool down tonight... that can easily result in tornadoes and all kinds of nasty...  let's just not mention it eh? :D  

I got my scarf finished for the Special Olympians and chose to send it to South Dakota since Nebraska isn't participating in the scarf program this year.... (???)....  and we LOVE South Dakota... so that's where we mailed it!.  I took my pooch for a lovely walk in the hea..ooops..... street (!!) ...  only to have her attacked by two large hoooonds!   I saw them running towards us and kept saying to myself... they must have invisible fencing.... they must have invisible fencing... they must haaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!   Nope.  The dogs did not stop and charged hell for leather right at us.  I shrieked a lot and yelled a lot and finally hustled Lucy out of there.  Poor little dog's heart was going a mile a minute!!

Once home again the rest of the day proceeded pretty much as normal. I DID however ( thanks to my darling friend Apes ) manage to figure out the Facebook issue!!  I had not realized I could BLOCK a person and they can no longer see me... and I can no longer see them!!   Once I managed to do that a literal weight lifted off my shoulders!!  My stomach relaxed, my heart slowed and I basically "unclenched"  ...!!  I really think that Facebook can be quite a Viper's nest if you don't keep your wits about you!!

The same said Apes also sent me a fabulous link to a Rube Goldberg machine that used all manner of devices INCLUDING A LIVE HAMSTER (!!) to turn a page of newspaper!!  We LOVE that kind of stuff over here and Jack watched the thing over and over and over again!  He was determined to make one of his own and sketched out a plan of him and Daddy launching several balls!  He built a device using a piece of wood, a "grabber", a frizbee and various and sundry other items and could not go to bed as he had to work on his contraption!  He even asked if he could take an iPod to bed in order that he might be able to continue his work!!!   That kid!  He's a hoot!

And that brings me to now.... the kettle is hot once again, the kids and pets are all sleeping, the house is quiet... time for murder??  Oh yes!

LOL!!    Night night!

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