Monday, January 17

Happy New Year !!! **cough cough!!**

Hello folks!! Let's just ignore the fact that I haven't blogged since OCTOBER and instead let's dive right in to the here and now!! ;D A quick catch up I guess..... November was lovely, Thanksgiving was spectacular, we had special guests for a change and ALL the food I made turned out FABULOUSLY!! Yeahy me!!! ;D And, oh, yeah for PIONEER WOMAN as fully 100% of the recipes were probably hers !! ;D Moving on to December... I did fairly well this year, we kept our spending to a minimum and yet everyone got something they wanted for Christmas!! We also had special guests again at Christmas ( though not my Mum this year.. : ( Maybe next year?! ) and dinner was....meh...!! : D Not so good! I have found that if my Thanksgiving meal is fantastic well you can bet your boots that Christmas dinner will NOT go so smoothly! But there you are! We all had a lovely Christmas time anyway, plenty of good enough food, lots of cheer!!!

New Year's eve was very quiet this year! We'd thought about having a party but it just didn't seem to materialize so we stayed in with the kiddoes and we all watched the ball drop!! At midnight Central time both kiddoes were in bed and hubby and I were watching Tudors on Netflix !!! Ah, the heady days of youth !!!

That just about brings us to the present day !! ;D For some reason I seem to have developed a crafting bug !! ;D Lately I've made a whole passel of hedgehogs

hmm... what IS the collective noun for Hedgehogs.... hang on....ok, it's either an "Array" of Hedgehogs, or a "Prickle" of Hedgehogs....!! I know which one I love the best!! ;D For years my Dad had me convinced that the collective noun for Zebras was a "Fart" of Zebras....!!! LOL!! ;D

Anyway, I've made a Prickle of Hedgehogs for friends.

I'm working on my second dressable lamb

( I LOVE the dressable lambs!!)

I made a felt donut that looks DELICIOUS

and I made an Angry Bird for Jack last night!!

He loves it and we take turns lobbing it at each other and making exploding sounds! ;D It's TONS of fun and SOOOO easy to make!! : D When I get some green felt I'll make him a pig to go with it!! Today I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry to finish off and I mean a mountain! I'm staggered how much laundry I can cram into my laundry basket so it just LOOKS like one load in there but when I open it up it's like opening a vacuum pack and the laundry is never ending! ; D

So yeah, laundry, then I'd LOVE to sleep on the couch for a few minutes... I went to Boot Camp this morning and the new instructor there is amazing....but TOUGH !! WoW it was a great workout... so now I must sleep !!! :D THEN I want to finish my lamb and THEN I want to make OWLS!! I don't know why Owls seem to be so popular at the moment but you can't turn a webpage without seeing how to make one !!!

My sweet little girl came with me yesterday to the fabric store and I bored her senseless by looking at this, that and the other fabric!! Poor thing! I remember hating fabric stores too as a child!! She had a great time for the first, oooh, 30 minutes or so....!! LOL!! Anyhoo, I have tons of stuff to make fabulous projects!! I have to work quickly though as I have a tendency to be fickle and suddenly my craft urge will wane and we'll be moving along to something else entirely! ;D

Anyway, I am being bombarded by an Angry Bird and two maniac children! Time to get on with things I suppose!!

Until next time, folks!! :D


Anonymous said...

YAY! a blog post!! :D

Risa said...

Looking forward to seeing some more posts from you...hint! hint! :-)
Love the owl, BTW.

Andrea Knapp said...

that donut TOTALLY looked real to me!

Gorgeous. said...

LOL!! they do look SO real !!; D (***wish they were....*** ) xxxx

Jess said...

More BLOG POSTS!!!! please