Wednesday, October 13

With my mind on the miners and the miners on my mind!

Wasn't it an amazing scene as the last Chilean miner emerged from underground this evening???? WOW!! I can not imagine how amazing it would feel for the men and their families....

Just fantastic!! ;D in Nebraska, on top of the earth, we had our own stuff to deal with!!!

I took the youngsters to the mall and then to Super Target. Mister Jack always has problems leaving Super Target without toys! We have an elaborate game we play with the invisible toys and so on, but today it just wasn't working as well as it should. I tried unwrapping an invisible remote control car and chasing after Jessie with it.... that worked for a short while until he caught on and decided he wanted the real thing. I sat on the floor with him and talked to him, sympathizing with how hard it is to leave a store without buying something ... I have a list of a gazillion things I'd like to buy in Target alone, so I really do feel his pain!! As we sat there, talking as best we could, a nice lady approached me and asked his name. I told her and she said to Jack " Jack, I'm lost, can you tell me where the checkouts are??" Jack said "Sure!" and pointed her in completely the opposite direction!!! She then asked him to please SHOW her where the checkouts were and sure enough he very nicely walked her to the checkouts !! The nice lady congratulated me on my patience and I explained that some days were better than others!!!

Today was a good day. :D


Alicia said...

What a great lady! We needs lots more of those in stores. :)

Kim said...

What a fabulous lady that was! I should be so creative.

You ARE incredibly patient. Count the good days, ignore the rough ones.