Saturday, January 2

Lazy Day..!

Jack about drove me nuts today! I did find myself screaming... just I was totally frustrated by his absolute refusal to do anything I asked. I don't think it was totally unreasonable for me to ask him to pick up the playing cards he had flung off the table and onto the floor? I explained that the dog would chew them and ruin them etc etc etc... to no avail. He just absolutely refused. "No." GAH!! I was at my wits end. To be fair my cycle was driving me insane also, I was pretty sure I was losing body organs and felt rather drained and weak. Not a good time to refuse me!! :D Poor kid. Luckily for us all Daddy came home and saved the day. He did the right thing and HELPED Jack pick up the cards ( doh!! ) and then they sorted the recycling for me whilst I hid out upstairs under the pretense of doing laundry when in fact I was playing with the cats!! (shh!!)

We spent the rest of the day in relative harmony. The kids have discovered the joy of Netflix on demand so they watched a movie whilst Rex and I SAT at the dining table, drank tea AND TALKED!!!! It's amazing!! We haven't just sat and chatted together for ... man, I don't know how long!! We also did a couple of little jobs here and there, discussed plans for the house and how to insulate the walls, we stuck up my quote on the wall that Mum got me for Christmas ( The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table ) pics to come when my computer comes home ... Monday now...! : } After dinner we broke open the Wii Fit Plus and the kids and I played several new games! My ARMS are exhausted from being a flying chicken....! I'm going to be SO sore tomorrow! ;D

The kids have been asleep now for a few hours and Rex and I are working on a jigsaw puzzle we got for Christmas... this one is a map of the world where the pieces are the actual shapes of the countries!!! I'm liking it!! ;D

Anyway, there you have it ... another day in Bakerville...!! More later folks! ;D G'night! :D

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Risa said...

Yay for Rex and yay for Netflix! The jigsaw sounds similar to one we have here--except ours is a few years old and I'm not sure the countries of the world still match what we've got. Lovely quote from your Mum, too.