Friday, January 1

Happy New Year! ;D

Happy New Year to everyone! I'm already enjoying 2010... LOL!! I've resolved to do more writing, more exercising, more loving and more living this year **excuse me whilst I redirect BOTH of my cats from my keyboard** ahem!! ;D

So in order not to fail myself on my first day of the year, here is a blogpost!!! LOL! :D Christmas was wonderful at our house this year! My Mum was able to come and join us thanks to the generosity of a long time family friend. I'm so glad she could come... it's just not Christmas without her somehow! ;D We did plenty of Christmassy things, ate far too much Christmassy food ( think fudge, cake, cookies, candy, fudge, some candy, cake...... !! Oh and roast potatoes.... hmmmmm!!) had our portraits taken again ( I'll add some pics once I get my computer back from the shop, I'm using Jessie's at the moment...) did a little shopping, got snowed in, played games, did jigsaw puzzles, built snowmen, laughed a lot..... you know, the usual! :D New Year's Eve was fun, Mum had to leave on the 29th so she wasn't here for our little party but we had some friends come over, played more games, ate more food... you get the idea, right!?! :D So here we are, a whole new year, new plans, a new slate, the blank page stretched out ahead of us and us with a new box of crayons!! Let's see what this year brings!!! I hope it brings nothing but joy for all of us!! Chin chin! ;D

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Risa said...

I look forward to reading more blogposts of your this year. Wishing you nothing but the best in 2010.