Friday, February 20

AP moment of the day......!!

Yes!!! There was an AP moment today!!! And I was there!! ;D LOL!! In fact it was literally two minutes ago and I thought "I should BLOG about this!!!" :D

What happened is I foolishly asked Jack to pop down to the basement and fetch TEN of the dried beans from the great big bucket of beans that they use to play with. ( It's a tactile thing....) Anyway..... an hour passes..... finally I begin to hear yelling. I'm sizzling onions on the stove so I wonder just what the yelling is about and can't even tell if it's happy yelling or sad yelling...! I run downstairs to find Jack yelling "PARADE!!!!!!!! PARADE!!!!!!!! " and scooping great handfuls of dried beans and flinging them EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! AAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Now, this is where it gets good!!! Instead of yelling like a banshee at the terrible mess he has made I check to make sure that it is PARADE he is yelling and then ask if he's pretending the beans are confetti. I am reassured that this is indeed the case. I keep my cool and ask if perhaps we might pick up the beans when we are done..... all heck breaks out. Jack is furious and upset. OK. I'm thinking hard now and trying to recall all my AP training ..... my brain seizes upon Playful Parenting!!! Aha!!! ;D "OK Jack!! After the parade is over and everyone has gone home, I need to know that the street sweepers are going to come and pick up all the confetti so that the streets will all be clean in the morning... ok??!!!"

"OK!!" he agrees and gleefully gets back to his work!! ;D

Wow!!!!! What do you think!?!!? Good eh?!?! :D


Niecey said...

Nice one. I'm never good at thinking on the fly like that.

Risa said...

Well done, you AP parenting goddess, you! :-) I am impressed...I prolly would've lost it and then came up with your brilliant reaction at 3am. Sigh. It's a process.

TheOrganicSister said...

Great response. I'm good at coming up with good responses when I'm in a good mood. If I'm crnky I have less self-control. :/