Saturday, January 24

Away away another day! :D

Yup... another day behind!! ;D Ah well... I'm sure you'll forgive me or forget me!! ;D ( that's not right....??!?!) Yesterday we spent the day hanging out at my friend Diana's house. I love going there and the kids really enjoy it too! We did some school in the morning and then headed over there, armed with fresh M&M bread ( Dates, Pumpkin, Applesauce ( in lieu of eggs ) and sunflower seeds!!!! YUM!! ) it was still warm when we arrived!!! :D We stayed all afternoon and watched the snow begin!! Diana lives at the very bottom of a HUGE hill... I did wonder if maybe we should be brought our PJ's !! LOL!!

Anyway, we did make it home safe and sound with only a little slipping and sliding along the way!! It was a liiiittle tense to be sure!!! :D

Today we are having a snow day. It's pretty chilly ( -4.7 f this morning) to say the least! The kiddies did go out and play in the snow for a while but not for LONG!! ;D LOL!!! Hubby and I are spending our day loafing about for the most part!!! :D Apparently we are due to get some more snow tonight... oh boy! It was nearly 60 the other day... and now snow!?!? Sigh. It's going to be a long winter and spring I'll bet!!! ;D

Have a lovely weekend!!

Toodles!!! :D

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