Thursday, July 17

AP parenting when you aren't "fully" there.

Well of late I have not been a tremendous parent! :D I have been so involved with the painting ( only two more walls to paint with second coats!!! Whoot! ) that the poor kiddoes have basically been left to their own devices. It works alright for the most part, but after a while they get bored and need attention!! Top that off with their Daddy being away then they really are getting the short end of a pretty short stick!

Yesterday we took the day off from painting and had a lovey day at my friend's house. Jessie had a great time playing but Jack was sort of left out. I tried to make it up to him by playing trains with him and making him giggle whilst trying to chat with my pal!

I have been making efforts to play with them as much as I can. I try to paint after they are in bed or maybe when they are watching a movie or something. I also have been stopping my work when they need me and giving them as much attention as possible. I'm available for hugs and cuddles anytime and at night I lay with them until they go to sleep. Their Daddy calls several times a day and talks to the kiddoes. He calls first thing every morning and just before they go to bed every day as well as several other times during the day. The children really need and enjoy that structure when he's away from home. Jack misses Daddy terribly and every morning will ask where he is. There's not much we can do about Daddy being away so we do our best and soldier on! :D

Anyway, as to the paint...! I'm going to be done with it today and may get some furniture put back too!! Once the furniture is back and the pictures are up again then you shall see photos!! Patience, my pretty!! :D

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