Wednesday, July 16

Hump Day! :D

**** Yawn **** !!! Oooops. I stayed up a liiiiittle later than I should have last night to get the brown on the walls.... it looks GREAT!! I still have to give it a second coat and I have one wall of green to give a second coat too, but the end of the painting is in sight! :D

We had a large thunderstorm rage all night long but I was almost oblivious to it! Thanks to our library system I listened to a book online, End in Tears, an Inspector Wexford Mystery! I really enjoyed it until the power went out!!! Happily it was only a blip and I was able to restart it and listen on! :D I went to bed laaaate, fell asleep no sooner than my head hit the pillow.... and the dog woke me an hour later, "wooof"ing. I dutifully got up, determined to be kind, after all, she can't help it if she needs to go out..... I couldn't FIND her! I've no idea where she was, but I was NOT happy. I called her, looked for her, then decided I was going back to bed. I'd barely got halfway up the stairs when I heard her "wooof" again. GAH!! If she were to wake the kids I'd.....!!! Well I found her and I think she just didn't like the storm. I patted her, reassured her and reminded her that if she woke us up again because it was lightening it might not be good for her!! I went back to bed, fell asleep again, and this time the CAT thought it necessary to disturb me. GAH!!!!!!!! I went back to sleep, hoping that, as usually happens, the kids would sleep late as it's raining. Nope. Jack was up EARLIER than usual, waking the whole house.!!! (Looks like I may need something of an attitude adjustment today or this one could end up in the toilet!!! )
I came down with Jack intending to put a movie on for him and maybe grabbing myself another hours sleep. I got him settled, came into the dining room to admire the paint, and found the dog, curled up in the corner. "Morning Brecon!" I sang. ...nothing. "Brekkers!!! Morning!!" I called. Nothing again. I whistled, yelled her name and watched frantically for signs of breathing. The bloody dog is DEAD I thought. Typical! After I yell at her last thing at night she'd go and DIE and I'd feel dreadful the rest of my life !!! ( me me me !! ) With my heart thumping I begin to approach her and she sloooowly begins to lie on her back so I can pet her. I'm SURE I saw a glint in her eye!!!! Flamin' dog !!!!!!

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can swing another hour in bed.... Going out to a friend's today so the painting will have to wait... at least until this afternoon!! :D

Have a great one!!!


Sarah said...

What a scare with Brecon!! My heart sped up just reading your words!

Happy painting. :)

pamM said...

Man, Bailey pulls the same stunts! Did they spend all their time together plotting ways to 'get back' at us?