Monday, July 14

Do you know the Secret?!

Have you seen or heard or read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? I have read the book, watched the DVD and now listen to the Audible book on my MP3 player every morning as I run. It is very inspirational! I have found myself to be much happier and excited about life since listening to it every day! I know some people won't like to hear it, of course, but I think it is a wonderful, positive message. In the book they mention how negative thought leads to negative actions and how the universe will let you know if your thoughts are going in the right or the wrong direction. I was running this morning and really taking in the huge landscape out here. The blue, blue sky, the green trees and fields with low, undulating hills. I felt such happiness and satisfaction! As I ran on I happened to glance down at the road... and there, and I'm not kidding,.. was a smiley face formed by two small rocks and a blade of dry grass!!! I laughed out loud and ran on. I ran further and was on my way home when a huge truck came driving towards me. I immediately began to worry that the truck might hit me, or it's huge crane might swing out and knock me to the ground.. I began to plan how I would drop and roll out of it's way....!! Ahem. I'm married to a risk analyst, that's all I have to say!!!.... Suddenly and out of the blue, a large, fast moving BEETLE flew straight at my forehead, essentially flicking me or giving me a dope slap!! ;D I was instantly brought to my senses and realised that I had been thinking negative thoughts!!! I laughed out loud again and thanked the beetle for bringing me around!!! :D LOL!!!!

So.... today's challenge...! Stay positive in the face of adversity... or, in my case, paint! :D

Have a great one!! :D

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Barb said...

Good for you! I answered the challenge first thing this morning and didn't even know it. :D