Saturday, February 9

AP Moment of the century!! ;D Do you Caucus?! Of Caucus!! :D

I took Jessie to Nebraska's first Democratic Caucus today and have to say it was sooo exhilerating!!! I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the atmosphere!! Jessie got to participate a little but more than anything she got to be there. She got to be a part of something that has the potential to be huge.

I've never been very interested in politics, despite studying it in college ( I was actually hoping for a psych class but it was cancelled!!) and since I haven't always been a US Citizen I really didn't care much about what happened in the White House. Things have changed!!! I am so excited for this year's election and am hoping to instill some enthusiasm in my daughter too.

Showing your children they can make a difference. It's the AP thing to do!!!

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