Monday, February 4

AP Moment of the day ~ Pets are people too....!

So not only do I try to be an AP Momma to my kiddoes and an "AP" wife to hubby, I now find myself AP'ing the critters too!!! :D We had a brief explosion in the creature numbers so now we have one dog, one gerbil, 3 rats and one cat. It's only a matter of time before we get fish too as Jack would LOVE some fishies...!! The dog is scared of the cat and the cat is scared of the TV. The rats are scared of the dog and the gerbil is scared of everybody!!! The house is just fraught!! ;D So we have to make sure that each pet gets enough love and attention so it doesn't feel it's missing out somehow!!! I made sure to play ball with the dog and buy her some doggie treats today, the kids and I keep finding the cat snoozing on the spare bed and go and pet her for a while. Tonight I had the rats out for an hour so they could play and get lots of love and fuss!! They love to have their chins and behind their ears tickled!! and finally I opened up the gerbil tank, topped off her food and chatted with her a little ( that's more than enough attention as far as she is concerned!!! )

Now it's time to sit with hubby and try and make him feel a little special too... then to bed and tomorrow we begin again!!! First with the kiddoes and then down the food chain from there!!

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