Thursday, February 7

AP Moment of the day... Good LORD it's THURSDAY?!!?

Hooo boy!! :D The week is just flashing by and I have to say That Darn Cat is one of the reasons I am so behind !!! 'S'ok though cause we love her! Sorry! Him!! Yah... that was a shocker!! :D Our newest family member is a neutered male, so we may well be calling him Herman! ;D Get it?!!?

Gah!! Anyway, I'm worn out over here I'll tell ya. The kids have me ready for a short little vacay somewhere hot and beachy. Just me, a beach towel and an ocean. Ahhhh. I'd sleep. The entire time. !! :D It's so cold here at the moment with occasional bursts of above freezing temps. The cold and snow keep me from wanting to leave the house and the kiddies aren't all that keen on it either. Shuuuuuudddderr!!

That said it's not like I'm getting a lot done here IN the house...!! We're basically hibernating, shutting down and running on bare minimun until the days warm up a bit!!! We'll be flying before long, until then it's "Goodbye from me, and it's goodbye from him! "

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