Thursday, December 11

Oh My Goodness! :D

So sorry, Blog Fans...!! ;D LOL!! I hadn't realised it's Thursday already and my last entry was SUNDAY!!! GAH!!! Well I blame Alicia. She totally hogs my computer when she is visiting and even when I begged and PLEADED for a few minutes online, she would slap at my head and hands and scream at me. Naturally I just went back to the closet under the stairs and sobbed until they went back home.

Anyhoo!! They left yesterday and I spent most of the day resting, napping and Henna~ing my hair!! WOW it's RED! : D

Brown, before....


Red after!!! :D




Here's a bit of an update on everything we did last week! ;D
Firstly we went to the Star City Parade!! We had a HORRIBLE time trying to find parking ( I left it too late... ) but in the end we got a great spot where we could watch it from above. We also got to go into a walkway and watch it from the warmth... only it was TOO warm and I thought I might die!! Ah well... the kids liked what they saw and Santa waved to us personally which made my day! ;D








After the parade we had to stop in at PetSmart and buy some dog food! My kids LOVE the pet store ( I do too! ) and we spent ages looking at all the stuff and getting to hold a neato Chameleon! We all loved how he could look all over the place with his oddball eyes! He was very happy to be held by all of us and I was so grateful to the guy who works there who is so patient with kids!




On Sunday morning we were sitting around and chatting when out of the blue a van pulled into our driveway. Out climbed a woman holding a "dog". We thought it was a dog... silly us......



Yeah... turned out to be a fainting goat named Oreo!! :D She was a hoot and enjoyed butting my dogs in the bellies if they startled her! She never did faint but still provided ample enjoyment!! ;D

After the thrill that was the goat we got ready to go out to the holiday Open House that I mentioned earlier. The kids were all dressed up so Alicia took some pics of her children and mine got in on the act too.....



I just think this one is cute!! ;D


The girls are old enough and wise enough that they immediately get to playing together whenever Alicia comes for a visit, but the boys take longer to warm up to each other. I think it's that they are younger and change more often in the short time between trips. Well whatever it is, it's usually a few days before they will play together and Jack really never wanted anything to do with "Baby Alex" ...! However, how things change.....






On Monday we had Gingerbread House Making Day... but because we had been so busy up until then, our gingerbread had not been made in advance and was going to be really soft and difficult to work with. I told Alicia on Sunday night that we HAD to bake the gingerbread... the thing is she got all "hopped up" on chocolates and Kahlua and was basically impossible to work with!! I may have had to drink some too, you know, just to be social and I made all the roofs too small. Ooops. "}






The Hopkins gang came over though and they made a church... it was super!!! :D Ah well... we had fun too and the kids got to eat lots of frosting and candy! ; D








The best part of the weekend for me came at the very end as the kids were leaving.. I'd checked with Alicia a while back and asked what the kids would like for Christmas. I'd been able to order the gifts which came whilst they were here, so I'd sneakily wrapped them all up and hidden them in my room. I'd shared my secret with Jessie and we were both pretty excited about it. As everyone was getting ready to leave we had them all sit on the couch and we said we were going to do a double check upstairs to make sure they hadn't left anything ( they ALWAYS leave something! ;D ) Jessie and I went upstairs and came back down with our arms FULL of gifts! "You guys left ALL THIS!!!!!!" we said!! Oh you should have seen their faces! I wish I'd been able to get a picture of it!!! It was wonderful! The gifts were pretty big so they really had their arms FULL !! Kids LOVE big boxes, right?!! :D As we were leaving the house and heading for their car, Jackfella said to his Mom..."Next time I'm going to SEARCH!" !! He wanted to be SURE he didn't leave anything like that NEXT time!!!! Cute!!!!




Anyway, to sum up, that's what we've been up to the last few days!! :D Alicia got home safely after a BIT of a detour though Nebraska... ( ahem )... and they will all be back again on the 29th !!! Until then it's time for us to rest up a little, clean up a little and prepare for the arrival of Garry!!!!!!!!!! She flies in on Monday!! Whoooopieeeeee!! :D ...

*** I need a nap.....!! *** : D


Risa said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all, Tiffany----and about time you updated the blog! LOL! I like the red hair on you, and since mine is gonna be red as well when I come for a visit....well, I bet, you, me and Alicia are gonna get some looks when we go out! :-)

What did your family think of the henna-ed you? When I did mine, Gareth said, "I like your red hair Mommy; it's very pretty.....I didn't like your old boring hair." Out of the mouths of babes, eh? :-)

Mean Mom said...

You're certainly having a busy time, at the moment. I'm not surprised that you forgot to blog!

I like the red hair! I used to henna mine, years ago, when it was its natural colour. I think mine has become an odd dark colour, under my blonde highlights, so I am afraid to let them grown out, now.

What a lovely time the children must have had at your house. They will have some lovely memories, when they are older.

Gorgeous. said...

Oh My Ree!! All that RED!! What will folks think!?!? Oh! Wait!! I don't CARE what folks think!! LOL!!! Glad you like it though... and glad your boys don't have to put up with Old Boring Hair anymore! ;D

Gorgeous. said...

Thanks, Mean Mom....!! I hope the children do have lots of happy memories.... I certainly will! :D