Sunday, May 5

My Very Special Olympian!

A couple of weeks ago the weather was a balmy 81 degrees (let's call that day "summer")
and we set out to watch Jack compete in his first ever Special Olympics Track Meet.

 He had a lot of fun, was a very good sport and tried his absolute best!

He ran the boys 400m relay and the 100m race.  His relay team did well and the whole event was just super.

The positivity radiating from all the participants and the crowd was palpable.

This little guy in the white T shirt is just finishing the 50m walk.  
A pretty staggering feat given that, at birth, they said he would never walk.
Can you IMAGINE the crowd's reaction!!

I remember summer.....!
Watching her brother compete!

Worn out after his races Jack slept in the car all the way up to Omaha!

Today Jack had another track meet practice and there he and his fellow athletes were presented with ribbons for their efforts at the Special Olympics meet!  His team got first place for the relay and he got a third place ribbon for the 100 m... this means he will be running for the state later this month!!!  Whoo hoo!!  We are very excited and proud for Jack! In celebration tonight Jack and Daddy went out and picked up Chipotle and I made a peach cobbler for desert!!  Jack and Daddy hung his ribbons up on his wall and Jack was very pleased with himself!  :D

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