Wednesday, May 8

Busy...?? Me?? Nah!!

LOL!!  I don't even KNOW where or how to start this post!! :D  I've been SOOOO busy lately!!  I know we need to stop the glorification of busy and I am ALL over that, but since the weather has FINALLY started to warm up and spring FINALLY seems to be on it's merry way I've found myself jumping in to all sorts of new ventures! :D

Following the Remarkable Karen's advice on The Art of Doing Stuff blog I have just now, just this minute, signed up with to be an affiliate!!  Whoot!  What that means is whereas I used to put in links in my blog before, now I can get paid for them!!  Awesome eh!? LOL!!  I'm sure to get rich now so get ready and I'll be paying for you to join me on cruises or exotic trips  !!! Hah hah!  I'll only be linking where I would usually link so it's not going to change the way I write... I hope.  If it does, please tell me and I'll quit...!!  I don't want to be pimping out my readers for a couple of pennies here and there!!  If anyone else is interested read Karen's piece on it, it's easy and free ( the affiliate thing, not the blog... though I suppose the same applies....!! )

I have also signed up with the Down Syndrome committee and I'm a Food Co Chair..!!  Whooot!!  Only, eep, as I haven't a clue what the heck I need to do!! :D  I need to get companies to provide food for all the walkers and workers on the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk on the 5th of October.  That's all.  That's ALL I have to do.... !! ; O   Yeah...!  I've not done anything like this before but I can DO it..!! :D    

I also started a Facebook group where people can buy and sell things locally.  Our group is also currently going through a challenge where we have to give away / throw out / recycle 100 things in 100 days.  I'm moving our family towards a minimalist lifestyle and this is a good way to start.  By working through the group other people have joined in and we are all clearing clutter from our lives!  Several people have then asked me if I could help THEM clear out stuff and so that has spurred me on to start my own business !!!  I don't have a name yet and am only just just just getting started but I'm so excited to do it!  I was actually cleaning out Jessie's room today... and BOY did it need it.... and I remembered when I was a teenager my Mum used to throw big parties and I would LOVE getting up in the morning and returning the house to normal from all the post party chaos!  I actually relished cleaning it all up!!  It was a memory I had forgotten about until today!  Post Christmas, post Thanksgiving, post party clean up is my passion!!!  LOL!!  How weird is that!?!? :D

So, yeah, this is a sort of turning point I guess!!  I'm excited to have the opportunity to help people restore order to their lives!!  I'm not a huge organizer, I mean I don't really go for those closet systems or plastic containers and so on... I feel if you have so much stuff you have to "contain" it... then you perhaps have too much stuff!!  I AM someone who will encourage you to donate items that don't bring you joy, to part with things that are broken or that bring unhappy memories to mind.  We'll see how it goes eh?! :D

So in other news, what else have we been doing over here?  Jessie has started going to a Shakespeare drama class where they will be performing twelfth night.  She has to rehearse twice a week and each rehearsal is two hours long.  It takes us 30 minutes to get there, soooo if I drive in and turn around and go home again I will have only an hour before I have to go back and pick her up... and if I DO that I will have been driving for TWO HOURS to get one hour at home.  Sooo we spend time doodling about and waiting for her.  I took Jackster and Millie to HyVee and shopped for a while, we went to the library and went to the park....  dum de dum......!!  Ah well.. it's not for long and Jess enjoys herself so it's worth it to me! ;D

What else???  Nothing much else really I suppose!  I've been helping a friend clear out her house and that's been super fun but exhausting!  I've been working nights obviously, once hubby gets home, and so I'm getting home about 10 pm... and FALLING in to bed.  And no, Millie is STILL not sleeping through the night... thanks for asking.  Oooof.  I go to bed, I get up, go to bed, get up, go to bed, get up, and face the day.....  You know the zombie invasion??  It's not zombies!  It's mothers with babies who don't yet sleep through the night after NEARLY NINE MONTHS!!  This is ridiculous!  I had ONE night where she slept all night long and I woke up as if in a dream!  I was looking about me as if the world were new and I wasn't sure what it was I was seeing!! :D  The birds sounded louder, the sky was bluer and the sun shone brighter that day!!!... I knew it wouldn't last,....  and it didn't!!  BUT knowing it happened once means it's possible it could happen again, right?! :D

So there ya go... an update!  Not a very exciting one for sure, well, exciting for ME anyway, but I wanted to check in and say howdy!!  I love writing in my blog and long to spend more time here... I'm getting organized.. I am... I am...!! :D

Me!  By Jack.   I think I need more sleep!! :D 

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