Monday, December 24

Day Twenty Four!

Well!!  I've had a busy day!! You?! :D  All that pre Christmas prep has taken me all day and I still have one or two little things to wrap ( including a gift that we just found in the mail box!)  I was beginning to panic that I had NO IDEA what I was going to do for our RAK today!  Usually on Christmas Eve we bake cookies and take them around the neighborhood but we didn't do that this year so I was starting to panic, then I had a thought!!  I went to my Christmas closet and found a Christmas mug.  I raided my pantry and found several different types of teas and coffees, all individually packaged.  I tucked them into the mug, stuck in a candy cane and wrapped the lot with red cellophane, a wired ribbon and a Christmas ornament stuck on a glow stick bracelet!  I wrote a Christmas card and said "Don't forget to take some time for you this Christmas" and this time I signed it "Your neighbors, The Bakers"  I figured if I found a gift on my doorstep of food or something and had no idea who it was from, well I might be suspicious!! ;D

Anyway, Jessie and I got in the car in the freeeeeezing temperature of 17f and headed out.  We decided to choose a house based on their Christmas lights display.  Points were added for "extras" !  The particular house we chose had their tree in the window and all their lights were so pretty.  Jessie took the gift up to the house and knocked on the door.  They answered with their dog and two small children in tow!  The man looked JUST LIKE my BFF's husband so we knew we were in the right place!  He listened to Jessie's explanation and then accepted the gift!!  It was so lovely!! :D

THEN as we pulled into our driveway we picked up our mail that was sitting in the mail box... and.... we found someone had Randomly and Kindly gifted us!!! :D  Two chocolate filled candy canes for the big kids and a pink rubber ducky for Millie!! :D  Yeahy!! :D  I love how acts of kindness go round and around and around!!!

I should also mention that Hubby and my Mum have also picked up on the habit... only today Mum gave up her shopping basket for a poor guy who had gone to the store "for just one thing"!!  He had his arms full and was apparently hugely appreciative!!

Ain't life GRAND people?!!?

Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy.....!!!  Have a wonderful Christmas Day!  See you on the flip side!


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