Thursday, December 27

Day Twenty Five ( a bit late! )

Well today, being Christmas, was a bit on the busy side!  We had a wonderful day with the three F's...! Food, Family and Friends!!  (I had a bit TOO much food and ended up rather unwell but that's beside the point and for another time! ) Anyway, the RAK this time was a quick and easy one.  I forgave a debt that was owed to me.  It wasn't a big debt at all, but I felt good forgiving it.  I hope it made someone's Christmas a tiny bit easier.  Compared to all our other acts, this one may have been a small one, in that it didn't really require me to DO anything, but nevertheless, it still counts.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this past 25 days.  I know the kids and I have all learned important lessons about the meaning of Christmas but basically the meaning of kindness.  There are SO many ways in which we were kind throughout the past month that we didn't write down as they weren't intentional... we rescued a neighbor's dog... twice.....!!  We held doors open for people, we paid genuine compliments, we let people go infront of us in the store, we were patient in traffic, we returned other people's grocery carts to the corrals, we helped with chores, we made cups of tea for tired Mummys in the morning.... (!!Thank you Jess!!) and so on and so on.

We have enjoyed ourselves so much that we intend to keep on with our acts and aim for one a month for the next year.  I am so glad that we took this challenge and encourage everyone to have a go for themselves.  Start with the smallest thing and the thrill you will feel will encourage you to do it more and more and more!! :D

Thanks for following us through the past 25 days!  It's been good having you along.

In case I don't get online again before then, have a FANTASTIC New Year....!!


You don't owe me!!

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