Thursday, May 13

Too Busy To Blog!!!?!?!? :D

Um... yeah.... it's THURSDAY!!! :D The only way I'm even finding time to blog tonight is to set a timer and make myself take 10 minutes to type!!!:D I can't BELIEVE how fast the days fly by when Rex is out of town. You'd think they would drag because I was lonely and sad, but nope! They WHIZ!! I enjoy the freedom that comes with making my own decisions and choices, of choosing what's for dinner based on what I like to eat....!! I like not having to watch what other people want to watch on TV, I like sitting on which ever side of the couch I like and I like waking up when I'm done sleeping ( that one doesn't always happen by the way!! )

Still, I DO love my hubby and am very much looking forward to him coming home this evening which is why I'm planning on making him some cookies in a minute and also picking up all the laundry that's piled on the ottoman in the middle of the living room. I may fold it... I may just stuff it in a basket and hide it in the airing cupboard... he'll never look there... unless we're out of toilet paper **goes to check toilet paper...!!**

So anyway, sorry I've been remiss in posting this week.... We've been on playdates, to movies (Oceans) out to lunch and boot camp boot camp boot camp... We've watched shark week, learned about the Civil War, watched Liberty Kids. We've grocery shopped, dry cleaned, picked up and messed up..... We've had a busy, fun week and it's about to get crazier!! ;D Rex comes home tonight ( about midnight) and Alicia and gang are arriving either Friday or Saturday and staying for a week!! ;D Saturday is colorful creature day at the museum so we are hoping to get to that and there will no doubt be tons of other things to see and do. ....

Anyway, my timer says my typing time is almost up! I'm gong to make myself a GIANT cup of coffee, start the oven warming and get some cookies made...! Maybe if I make them big enough he won't notice the laundry?!?? :D

Until next time, keep on keeping on! ;D



Missusgarry said...

I LOVE your hectic lifestyle... LOVE it... and am very envious!!!!! ;) xx

Catonine said...

Are you going to take Alicia to boot camp with you?