Sunday, May 9

Chatting on Skype, shopping for new bike gear, dinner, ice cream and a movie....Does it get much better than THIS???!!!

My mother's day came early today !! Firstly we got Skype going with my Mum in the UK and we chatted and shared a cup of tea for over an hour!!! It was lovely!!! After that the kids, hubby and I went shopping for some bike gear for me..!! I got new pants, shorts and a bike shirt!! YEEEEE!!! After shopping and trying on some crazy helmets we then went to La Paz for a delicious dinner... I had the Avocado Tacos and they were so darn delicious!! :D Rex decided to treat us all to some ice cream so we went to the ice cream place on 84th and Hwy 2... it was really delicious stuff!!! On the way there though we stopped to look at a really neat water feature that Rex likes!! It's lovely!! He's thinking of getting it for the garden someday!! I know I'd like it and the birds would LOVE it Now we are sitting here on the couch watching Avatar!!.... it's not really my kind of film hence the blogging whilst I watch but's on and I'm here whilst it happens!!!!

So...all in all a lovely Mother's Day, topped off by my little girl telling me before bed that what she likes most in the world is "reading, Mom......" and other stuff but to be honest I so loved hearing her say "Mom" I didn't hear anything else!!! **myheartswells**

Well the Avatar climax seems to be drawing nigh... guess I should pay attention!!! More later folks!!


Missusgarry said...

Yep... music to the soul that word 'Mom' (or Mum as we say over here...!!)

Cadi said...

Happy day to you!