Tuesday, February 3

Facebooking the past! :D

I'd never really been a Facebook fan. I didn't "get" it, I didn't think I wanted to revisit the murky depths of my childhood... stir the sediment, so to speak... but lately I gave it a whirl. I was lonely. I needed to find SOMEONE to chat with me, someone to reach out to, so I opened the can. I'm glad I did!!! Today I chatted with my best friend from school. TWENTY YEARS it's been. We chatted on like it was only last week. Through other friends and groups I've been taken back to my old school days. I've poked at seeds of memories and they have failed to burst open into fetid spores but have gently unfurled and proven sweet to taste. My childhood was a fun and happy one, but it was underscored with sadness and pain. I didn't want to revisit that part and so find I have locked away years and years. I'm excited to maybe turn the key and see what's inside. Hopefully enough time has passed that only happiness remains.

The 80's fashions still look ridiculous though. Not much I can do about that !!!! :D


Risa said...

I've been enjoying your pictorial history of Britain in the '80s. You've hardly changed--your face, I mean. Thank goodness you've changed your clothes and hairstyles! LOL!

I have had similar experiences on facebook, talking to people I haven't talked to in 20 years like we'd just had coffee yesterday...

Barb said...

Like you, I resisted as well. I was forced by my sister to join; my other sister just joined today.

I certainly can't wax as poetic as you did (beautiful!), but I'm enjoying Facebook as well.

I'm going to have to look through your pictorial history of Britain; can't believe I missed that!

Wendie said...

I'm piecing my entire childhood and high school experience back together through FB.