Friday, January 9

Finally FRIDAY!! :D

LOL!! Like it makes the slightest difference in our house!!! EVERY DAY IS FRIDAY!! :D

Well at least I'm not dizzy this morning, right?!! I'm going just a little nutso though. I have a tune stuck in my head. The trouble is I've never actually heard it! How does this happen?!?! Well when your child has a Tooth Tunes toothbrush it does. I keep humming this irritating bundle of sound waves, including muffling them as I only ever hear them from inside someone's mouth!! LOL!!! ;D Hannah Flaming Montana in Jack's Mouth!! LOL!!! I bought the thing for Jessie, but she hates it. I tried it and I hate it too!!! The vibrations of it on my teeth make me about hit the roof!!!! {{Shudder}}

Well today looks like another fun one! :D As I didn't start my day until 11am yesterday I still have some decorations to take down ( hangs head ) and the kids want to go to Super Target ( I always want to add Du Du Du Duuuuuuuh to the phrase "Super Target" ) and spend the gift certificates that have been burning holes in their pockets since Christmas!! Oh woe. A trip to Super Target. How will I cope. !!! ( Please note the heavy sarcasm here! ) Hubby has just left for work, the kids are having breakfast, reading "Sherman's Lagoon" and watching Curious George. I think I'm going to start my day the Caffeinated way! :D

Have a great one.....because I'm the Mom... that's why!!! ;D

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