Tuesday, July 1

It's happened... so soon....

I'm officially an old fart who can't figure out how to download audio files to an MP3 player. I can't believe that it's finally happened... technology has outed me!!! I had been able to pretend I could manage. DVD player? No problem! Computer...? FINE !! ( as long as it's emails and not much else ...!) However, it began with my cell phone..... How the HELL do I turn this thing OFF?! How do I make a phone call?!?! I can send a text now.. but honestly, not with any form of punctuation at all!!! I have no idea how to make exclamation marks!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! And now, my MP3 ??! Fuggeduboutit..... Damn thing. Makes me feel like a fool. I worked for literally hours to figure out how to download a free audio book from the library on to my computer. I try to download it to my player.... WRONGO!!!! That file is not supported by your cute pink toy..... ggggGGGGGAAHHHHH!.


I'm going to bed. To read a REAL BOOK. One made of paper that I can hold in my hands ( and no doubt drop on my face ( again ) when I fall asleep!!) Actually I'm reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" and it's AWESOME DUDE!! (trying for cool here since I feel like a wassak) It's a really good read and I've had trouble getting dinner tonight as I was too busy reading and reading!! I LOVE books like that.. a real page turner!! At least I know how to do that!!! :D

Good night all.....!!!

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