Monday, June 30

AP Parenting your fruit bats.

Or, how on earth am I supposed to afford to feed these kids through the summer?!?! :D

The kiddoes last night had a late lunch so at dinner time weren't overly hungry. We carved up a watermelon and had it with red grapes and that was last night's dinner. For lunch today... more watermelon please... and some more?...... maybe another piece??.... just one more piece?..... and perhaps just ONE more piece but that's it, I'm done then....


Can I have a banana??!!

Boy these kids can put away fruit! :D

Today not much else has gone on really. I went for my run and did my exercises, cleaned the house ( it's whole house cleaning day again again... don't you just LOVE the way it keeps coming around?!?! ) did the laundry and so on. My friend Diana came over to pick up her pets so now we are left with only the pets we own... no more guests. I told her that the Guinea Pig and Turtle were both VERY polite, listened well and gave me no sass! They'd be welcome to visit us again! : D Diana stayed for a while with her kiddoes and the children all swam and played in the pool... lots of fun! Once they'd left the afternoon just sort of waned.... no excitement or drama... and I have to say, that's FINE by me! :D

Until next time.....

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