Friday, July 11

Piiiick Up, Daddy's coming home...!!!

This is the way we get the house cleaned up before Daddy gets home from work. The trouble is, when he's been gone all week then there is a LOT more to clean up! :D We start out with saying "Roooooom RESCUE!!" and we have 15 minutes to pick up and put away all the toys and such. As we pick up we sing "Piiick up, Daddy's coming home, piiick up, Daddy's coming home...." It's so cute and it all gets done!! Today, however, I've sent the kids out of the way and I'm tearing around like a nut!! :D The kiddies decided this morning that they wanted to do some crafts. Apparently that means taking the containers of glitter and sprinkling the entire contents over everything and everyone! I'm not kidding. I wish I were. Soooo I have to get glitter out of the carpet, off the keyboards, off the furniture etc... you'd think it would be easy. It's not. I wish it were! ;D

Happily I'm just glad that hubster is on his way home, so I've kept my cool and actually been a very good AP Mama today! :D I've played cars with Jack, read books with him, played hide and seek with both kiddoes, looked at and remarked upon Jessie's drawings ( she's improving remarkably, it's amazing how that happens!! ) and now I'm picking up by doing 5 minutes in each room! It works so well that way! 5 minutes makes a great dent in the the mess and the whole house seems to get picked up by itself! :D Jack is in the basement "Yachking a woowie" ( "Watching a movie" for those of you who don't speak "Jack" ! ) as he is petrified of the vacuum cleaner. I may have mentioned before that the child is quite used to and undisturbed by the sound of me yelling, but is terrified of the vacuum..... a telling situation.

Anyway, I've procrastinated enough... still have the dishwasher to load, trash to take out, kitchen floor and windows to wash and the vacuuming to do... oh and I'll just BET the kiddoes will want dinner too....!! AGAIN!!?!?! LOL!!

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