Wednesday, January 16

AP Moment of the day ~ Urine a hurry!

Firstly I really want to thank all those people who reached out and contacted me about yesterday's post. It is so sweet of everyone to offer comfort and support and it was and is, very much appreciated. Thank you.

Today was a better day. Overall I think they are improving... obviously there are ups and downs, but the trend is mostly upward!!! I'm trying to not sweat the small stuff. I think I do far too much of that. I'll tell you what. It's very hard being an AP parent when your tool bag has a hole in it and your smallest child seems bound and determined to drive you to the nuthouse ( or jail! )

It's almost funny really. Jessie was such a sweet little girl. She really was no trouble at Jack's age. I certainly don't remember it if she was. She was a treat. Jackster....hmph. Not so! He was fine for the most part today but BOY you can tell when he hits "TIRED" !!! He just gets impossible~!! He'll shout "NO!!" at you and I'm left wondering what on earth I'm going to do now!!! I can't catch the little swine, and if I did, THEN what?!!?! LOL!!! I tried using the Disney voice again and it really does seem to work though it seems horribly false !!! Jessie always looks at me, shocked, when I start it as if I'm about to start levitating and spinning my head around! It certainly doesn't sound much like me, but it does force me to think "nicely". He has to believe that I am being genuinely chipper or he'll just run for the hills! I have to come up with really GOOD reasons why he ought to go pee!!! The fact that he may pee his pants? Not good enough. The fact that I might be mad with him? No concern there. ACCKKKK!! Just GO to the bathroom already!!??! but then it's HOW do we go to the bathroom?? Do we race or do we walk backwards?? Do we hop like Kangaroos or do we crawl like dogs???? Hmmm??? Why should he eat dinner? Get dressed? Put on shoes? Get in the car? Hold my hand on the street? Turn off the TV? Put down the rat? Not throw the ball in the house? Not hit his sister???????

LOL!! It's physically and mentally exhausting just coming up with rationale after rationale and then remembering to implement everything, following through, having a routine. Sticking to a schedule, allowing him choices, letting him do stuff himself, not doing too much for him, helping him succeed, not letting him do everything, showing him (again, because I KNOW he knows ) the difference between stripping the bed and making the bed.... between throwing the ball and rolling the ball, between putting the cushions ON the couch and throwing them off the couch ( and then leaping on it!! ) Aye aye aye.

Sorry all!!! I really didn't start this post with the intention of slithering into a heap of complaints! If I didn't love the kid it would be so much easier!! I'd ship him off to school each day with nary a backward glance. As soon as he came home it would be dinner and then bed!!!! But he's so damn endearing!! He's just like his bloody father. You just can't stay mad at the buggers!!!!! ;D

Grrrrr!!!! Well I keep telling myself it's just a phase. This too, shall pass... this too, shall pass!!
It's my new mantra!!

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Sarah said...

It IS tough, teaching all the things that other kids just 'get.' I find myself exhausted some days, feeling like I had to explain every. little. thing. please. remove. your. feet. from. the. table. sleeves. up. water. on. squirt. the. soap...


It is very overwhelming at times.