Thursday, January 17

AP Moment of the day ~ starts earlier than you think!

Hubby encouraged me to get up first this morning and get a shower right away. It's a good thing to do, get a jump start on the day... I told myself as I was showering!! I stood there, dazed and let the hot water pour over me and consoled myself with the thought that at least I would be able to have some time to pay the bills and get myself ready for the day before the ki......?? Hello?! Jessie??!! JACK!?!?! Good morning Children.... now hop on out the bathroom while Mummy finishes her shower in peace. Yeah. So much for an early start!!! We were all up early BUT it was a great day!!!! We got sooooo much accomplished and we weren't rushed at all... the house remained reasonably tidy, the children were well behaved I DIDN'T YELL ALL DAY!!!!! And I even, and I'm not kidding here, realised I was HUMMING TO MYSELF whilst putting the lettuce back in the fridge!!!!!! LOL!!! I was really amused!!! I did lots of school with the children! I played WITH Jack. I made an effort to be THERE for him and I took his hand a lot and encouraged him to do things with me and help me. It really seemed to help him. For instance tonight the children were racing up to bed. Jack was already really tired poor guy and he fell and banged his nose on the floor. He started to really cry... I tried to comfort him but he would not be consoled. I noticed a basket of laundry waiting to levitate up the stairs and fold itself and return itself to drawers and closets, but since it seemed to have lost it's magical powers I asked Jack if he could help me carry it up... as he was so "Big an' Stwong". His face lit up, he stopped crying and he and I carried the "Vewy Heffy" basket up the stairs. That's distraction folks!! A parenting tool!!! ;D

I think the hormones are finally kicking in because I noticed I don't feel quite so stressed today about things that would have had me yelling even a day or so ago. It does help that I went to bed early last night too....

Early to bed, early to rise,
makes a mom nicer... a pleasant surprise! ;D

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