Saturday, June 1

So what's new with you guys!?

**I apologize in advance, there are a LOT of photos on this post..!

It's been a few days of outdoor living over here!!  Well, more like it's been a few days of spending time outdoors then tearing INdoors to escape the horrendous storms we've had lately.  Every day for the past week we've had severe thunderstorms and tornado watches, HEAVY rain, water in the basement, flooding in the fields and so on.... but I count us pretty lucky.  We didn't get any actual tornadoes, the "HALF DOLLAR SIZED HAIL" that the weatherman squealed in ecstasies about ended up being pea sized at most and we didn't have to water the plants the entire week.

We've been having fun planting a garden.... I'm a little late to the party (but I did bring wine..!) so I'll either get some results or I won't...!  Frankly it's fun to try!

Romaine Lettuce

Broccoli (WOW!!  Actually spelt it right first time!!)

Tomatoes of course!!  LOTS of tomatoes!

Rosemary and Thyme (Thyme for TEA?!)

And with a little help from Millie I planted Kale, Spinach, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Zucchini, Peas, and Basil.  I still have some peppers to plant too... we'll see about them!

We've been doing a little Kayaking...!!  Which is extremely fun and incredibly tiring both at the same time!

My feet...!


Kayaking with Jack in the front...!!  He loved it but I kept smacking him in the head with the oars! 

We've had a lo~ooo~ot of rain.... 

And one morning we wondered how we could start the day off awesomely so we thought donuts (naturally!) hot coffee and a drive around the lakes, steaming up the windows.  Perfect!!  We all dragged on clothes, jumped in the truck and headed out.  A lovely morning was had!

Mama and Papa goose and their babies!! 

MY Babies!

We've been playing with "noisy toys" 

Planting pretty flowers and playing with mud and chalk...

A little bit of TV and a cuddle from brother ....

We've played in the curtains...

And just been adorable!

We've been sleepy...

And busy....

And helpful...!

We've had books published....

And started reading in 100 places...

We've harvested and eaten our own rhubarb..(which was deeeelicious!) 

We started a petition to get chickens in our town and got our (my!) face on the front page! 

We've done a little bird watching, including a baby robin... so a VERY little bird, watching!

We did a small experiment to see how much sugar there is in things...  The chocolate milk was SHOCKING!

Millie decided to show me that X marked the (s)pot.. I decided if that were the case I didn't really want it...!

We made some homemade lemon curd....  

and had a taste test with a store bought brand...!

The home made WON!!!

Millie found something fun to do in the bathroom.....!!

We made some home made butter...!!

Which was surprisingly easy and tasted..... JUST like butter!!!

And we spent a little time getting under each other's feet. 

So what have YOU been up to lately? 

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