Tuesday, April 9

A Look at the Louvre! :D

Today was our trip to the Louvre.  I strapped on my new  HIGH TOPS

(which Jess and Rex picked out for me last night on their trip)  and we headed out the door....
we hopped onto the big red bus

and headed to the stop for the Louvre.  We hopped out and marvelled at the immense size of this museum.  It's one of the largest museums in the world and I don't doubt it for one moment.  WOW this place is huge! ;D

A map of the museum posted outside the building.  Honestly it's just immense.  I had NO IDEA how big it was!

Millie was amazed too!! :D 

You first walk through these huge arches into an enormous square....

Once inside the square you see the famous glass pyramid...!

You have to go through a security checkpoint to enter the pyramid then it's down a series of escalators into the museum!  Awesome!!

I love this pic of Jack walking up the stairs...!!  His sweater makes him seem almost invisible...!!

We walked and walked and walked and gazed and gasped and gawped at all  a few of the many, many, many exhibits in the museum!  We stopped for a lunch break, I stopped and nursed Millie, there were sculptures, statues, painting that were SOOOO big they were staggering....  oh and of course, there was this......

Oh Look....!!  Who is that enigmatic figure in the background?!?!  LOL!

Meh, says Millie! :D The Mona Lisa is surprisingly very small...!!  But so very neat to see in person! :D

In the "basement" of the museum is all manner of fabulous high end shops and also Starbucks and the Apple store where I took advantage of their Wifi to check in on Facebook!!

We picked up a couple of souvenirs and then headed out to walk along the Seine.  We came back upon the bridge covered in padlocks that we had seen yesterday.  Here people buy or bring padlocks and write their names on it.  The padlocks are fastened to the bridge and then traditionally the keys are tossed into the Seine thereby securing the love or some such thing!!  

Well, being the romantics that we are, naturally we bought a lock too.......!!!

But, being the kind of person I am, I could NOT bring myself to toss the keys into the river!!  The idea of thousands of keys in the water just didn't sit well with me!!! So, I gave them to Rex for safe keeping! ;D 

Pretending to throw the keys......

Millie promised not to tell !!

 And that was our day at the Louvre!!  We had also gone back to the Eiffel tower today but it was still SOOOO cold and the line was so long we basically decided that we weren't the kind of people with the burning desire to climb things so we spent our time in the museum instead!! :D

Tomorrow we leave Paris and head back to England....! :D

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