Saturday, December 15

Day Fifteen

Today was Gingerbread House Making Day!!  We'd hoped and planned for a big turn out but due to one thing, another, and some no~shows we had Charlotte come over!  We still had a fun time.....!

Parts and plans laid out...

Making the "cement"

Charlotte's house

Jack's house with garage!

Jack's house finished

Jessie's house finished

Later hubby, baby and I went into town to run a couple of errands and I took two $5 bills with notes attached and planned to hide them in one of the stores we stopped in.  The trouble was, I'd eaten a lot of my construction frosting before I left the house and my focus was a off?!  I totally forgot to plant the money until we were on our way home!!  My lovely hubby took a detour and stopped at a gas station for me.

He went in ostensibly to get me a cup of coffee but also took in the cash and hid it for me!!  One bill behind a box of pop tarts and another behind a KitKat bar!!  I love the idea of someone finding free money!!  Especially at the gas station!!  I wish I could afford to buy someone's gas or to hide $100 bills!!

Anyway, that was today's act.  Now I've got to figure out how to finish off MY gingerbread project whilst holding a baby that just won't nap!!!!

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Missusgarry said...

Ooo... the houses look great! What fun! I'll have to have a go :))) Funny about Rex having to go in and 'do the deed'... well done!