Saturday, October 9

The Web of Wonder.....!!!

Today Jessie, Jack, Jessie's friend ( aptly named Charlotte! ) and I made this fantastic thing!!!

I'd seen it on a craft blog, Crafts and Sutch, and it looked easy, effective and fun! ( just like me!! )

We knew we'd have fun making it so I decided to make a little time~lapse video of it! I do not have an editing program so there is one point where the camera falls over and you get a glimpse of the ceiling and another where it gets jostled and all you see for a while is a candle!!! Stick with it and you will get to see the end result!! ;D


Oak Park Veggie said...

Wow, looks awesome!!! My kids are begging to do this now, but my only concern is the cats. I'm thinking that they might spend their days biting that the string.

Gorgeous. said...

I did have to move one of the spiders as the cats were trying to catch it last night.... they haven't messed with it since though! :D