Monday, July 12

Marble Running!

Today we were inspired by Dad U to build a marble run down four flights of stairs!! We had tons of fun putting it together using only card, toilet paper tubes and painters tape! We did get a little frustrated at the end as we were using marbles of all different sizes ( don't do this! ) so the run would fail at all different places!!!! ARGH!!!! We got it sorted in the end and this video is proof of our work !! :D LOL!!

How to make a marble play the cymbals!

I think tomorrow we'll set the drum kit down there and see what tunes we can play!! :D


Anonymous said...

WOWWWWWW... that was GREAT!!!!!!... and I LOVE it that it hits the cymbal at the end - fabbbb.... !!!!!! You must have had SUCH fun :) Hope it's still up by the time I ever get over there :) xxxxxxxxx

Dad U said...

Thanks for the reference!
Great build!

I've started a page with "submitted" runs & yours if the first.
If you hear of any others, please send me the link
Glad you had fun
Dad U