Sunday, July 4

Happy 4th Folks! ; D

We had an absolutely lovely 4th today! The kids and I started out making crafts by painting watercolor fireworks onto water soaked paper. It was so pretty and fun.... we made loads!! After that, in the spirit of liberation from tyranny, I chose to fold all four baskets of laundry that had been sitting in my living room!! Huzzah!!! ;D It was pouring with rain today... all day long from the moment we woke up .... we were mildly concerned about the firework display tonight but doubted it would rain all the way through to 10 pm..... anyway, with the rain and such it got pretty humid outside, 90% !! We spent much of the morning inside. I had a bit of a headache after lunch so went to take a lovely nap whilst the rest of the gang watched 7 Brides for 7 Brothers! Soon Jack turned up in my room and he and I slept for an hour. Actually I should say I slept for an hour and it was all I could do to wake the poor little guy up !!! He wanted to help me make S'mores on a stick so I couldn't let him keep sleeping... but still ... he was tough to wake!! We made our delicious S'mores, then moved on to making our Fruit Flag Pizza. Whilst the cookie dough cooled Rex took us to the local Kiwanis firework stand and we picked out some fun fireworks... some for the day time and some for when it got dark.

When we got home I set the kiddoes to work slicing fruit... Jack got bananas and Jessie the strawberries. We use a drinking straw to hull the strawberries by the way..... I think my friend Diana showed me how to do that and it's sooo quick and easy! You just poke a straw from the bottom of the strawberry up through the top and Voila, the hull pops right out !! You can thank me later! ;D LOL!! So they sliced and then they layered. It looked awesome.

We went outside and lit the fireworks..... FUN!! The children love the smoke bombs and the parachute fireworks of course! This is the first year that Jack didn't have his fingers jammed in his ears the whole fact he used to stand INSIDE the house with his headphones on!! BIG strides!! :D

After the fireworks we finished off preparing the last of dinner, a pasta salad and cool watermelon stars.... Rex lit the grill and cooked some lovely sausages and a vegan DELICIOUS sausage for me ( Apple and Sage...!! ) ... we set up a table outside with my checked white and red picnic blanket on top and we had ourselves a wonderful picnic whilst watching the displays put on by the neighbors!! At one point I went over the street and delivered some Smores to the neighbors.... I knew I'd only eat them all otherwise!! ;D

Once it grew dark we lit the remainder of our fireworks and the kids played with sparklers.... Jessie was scared and it took her a while to get over it, but she eventually realised how much fun it was! :D At around 10 pm our local city fireworks began.... we can see them well from our driveway though can't hear the huge BOOMS.... I sort of like the boom, but it was handy to not have to leave home!!! The kids grew antsy and tired before the show was over and both of them ASKED to go to bed. I was hardly about to argue so we went up and I put them in bed. All in all I think we had an absolutely lovely day!!!

Once again, photos on Facebook guys.... sorry about that......!!
Click here for photos....

I hope you had a lovely 4th too!!; D

Night all, from the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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