Saturday, June 5

I miss my little girl!! :D

This blog post is just for Jessie...!! :D We are on our way to the BRAN today... Lisa and I are in North Platte at the moment headed to Harrison where we will turn around tomorrow and start biking back. I know Jessie has been really worried about me leaving and I was thinking that I would be fine, she was over reacting... until I realised I have never left the children before. Ever. I was surprised just how very much I missed them... as soon as they drove away and left me on the bus ... I was really sad to see them go !! I am looking forward to seeing Jessie's smiling face next weekend.... it will make me bike home just that little bit faster. Love you, little girl!! ;D


Missusgarry said...

Awwww... what a lovely (but poignant) post. I know exactly how you feel...!!!! It'll hopefully go really quickly for everyone... :) xx

Magic and Mayhem said...

((((hugs)))) I'm sure she'll have some wonderful Daddy time. Thinking of you!