Sunday, November 8

Update! ;D

Hello Folks! ;D

I'm making time for my writing amongst all the chaos and hoopla of daily life around here! A Quick Update for now and more later, of course! :D

Firstly, ... hmmm... where to start.... Well the good news is my Mum is coming over for Christmas!! I'm so thrilled as we had all thought she wouldn't be able to come this year and it really just isn't Christmas without family around. The children are excited too and my new British friends are also chuffed to bits as it means she can bring us a stash of goodies from home!!! ( chocolate, some chocolate, and more chocolate!! ;D )

We lost our sweet Minnie dog to a car accident a couple of weeks ago.... she was hit right outside out house and died quickly. I was amazed at the depth of our pain at her loss. What a sweet, sweet soul she had and what a great hole in our lives she has left. We have had her cremated and her ashes remain on the mantle for the time being. We plan to scatter them along the paths where we walked...but not just yet...

The children are doing marvelously! I've taken on a part time job working from home... only, as anyone who works from home knows, part time turns into full time in no time!! :D Jessie has declared more than once that she hates my job and Jackster sure knows how to pick his moments of mass destruction and mayhem to coincide neatly with any work calls I may be trying to complete! I have learned to share my time with my job and the children as much as possible and have taken the time to sit and watch re runs of The Gilmore Girls with Jessie as we eat our lunch. She loves the quality time we spend and it has become our little tradition to do together. The other day I was sitting staring at the small screen, pulling my hair and cursing through gritted teeth.... she walked up to the computer, turned off the monitor, took my hand and led me to the couch. "Gilmore Girls Time..." she said..... smart kid that one!

So basically, to sum up, life is rocketing along nicely! I'm STUNNED it's November already... what happened to the blazing summer heat?!? oh wait... yeah... it was in the 70's today....!! Nebraska weather... I'll never get used to it..!! We are all doing well! I'm planning on volunteering with the children at the Cat House in Lincoln...! We have orientation on Wednesday.... ahem...... we'll see how it goes, shall we!!?!?

Anyway, lovely to be back! Hope you are all fit and well and avoiding the dreaded H1N1 .... Can't wait to catch up again soon....

Mustache....!!! : )


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Cat J B said...

Blazing summer heat is just starting to gear up where I am, and yes, life certainly rockets along doesn't it? A great expression!