Monday, June 29

Where have I been all my life?!? :D

I've recently awoken from a deep sleep. A looooong deep sleep. I feel as if my eyes are open and my arms are stretched out to embrace life to the fullest. Recent events have unfolded before me ... I finally got together with "The New Lisa" .... remember? from Waaay Back?? I'd met her in Hobby Lobby in 2007 and it is only recently that we finally got together!! Since getting together though we have made a plan to ride in the Bike Ride Across Nebraska in 2010! It's about 500 miles!!! My bike was found on a dump and I was not much of a rider !!! Within the space of a little over a week we have ridden a 10 mile ride through the Lincoln trails, participated in the Trail Trek ( another 10 miles ) and we plan on doing a 20 mile ride this weekend. On our Trail Trek Lisa's friend, Michelle came along and I made a new friend.

Lately Farrah Fawcett died as did Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon and Billy Mays. My friend suddenly lost her father, a relative was diagnosed with a "cherry" aneurysm in her brain... all on the same day. Life suddenly started looking really short. Getting together with Lisa, taking on the challenge of the BRAN, meeting new friends like Michelle and Elayne, another new friend who loves to Geocache and sew... it's opening up my life. Lisa speaks Spanish and has SWORN to teach me! She also wants to play guitar so she and I are going to get lessons together. Elayne plays SAX !!! Finally! I have found a friend who can play Sax and she has already been able to get me started on it! I've had it years and not got a note out of it, suddenly I can play at least TEN !!! LOL!! It's a HUGE start !! A friend of Rex's is a drummer in a band !! NO WAY !!!!! Someone to teach me DRUMS!?!??! How AWESOME is that?!?! I am hoping to sign up for a class next month on Sailing and Kayaking! It sounds such FUN!! Lisa has a friend who shoots clay and I'd LOVE to try that, so I'm pumping her for info so I can have a go !! Another friend of Rex's has a handgun I'd love to take out to a shooting range and play with !! Last time I shot any targets I was pretty dang good at it! I'd like to prove to myself it wasn't some sort of fluke !!! I'm making something of a bucket list I suppose! Here's what it looks like so far...

*Learn to play the guitar
*Learn to play the Sax
*Learn to play the drums
*Learn Spanish
*Ride the BRAN
*Learn to Sail
*Try Clay shooting
*Fire a gun at a shooting range
*Ride a motorcycle
*Race a car on a race track
*learn to fly a plane
*ride in a hot air balloon
*learn to Ski
*get a tattoo (a reeeeaaally small one!! )
*get my nose pierced
.... and more and more and more ......!!!

I can see so many of these things if not all of them as totally do~able. The funny thing about them is the more I sense their possibility the more things fall into place to make them happen!! :D I'm trying to open myself up to new situations, new possibilities and see where they lead me!! Look how just meeting new people has totally opened up a new WORLD that was there, hidden behind my once closed eyes!!
I haven't seen the movie "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey, but I feel like I am him... I'm trying to say YES to the situations that come my way, thrilled to meet new people, enter new situations, try new things....!! Yes yes yes!!!!!

Where have I been all my life!?!? Right here. Where am I going?!!? Anywhere I can!! : D

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Barb said...

Hey - you forgot "Having boudoir portraits done by Barb" to your list!

It's so fun watching you bloom into the woman you are. ;-p