Monday, May 25

Memorable Memorial Monday!

I took the children, backpacks crammed with picnic goodies and all our bikes to Pioneer's Park today! It was a gorgeous day and the park was full of people celebrating Memorial day. The air was filled with the smell of grilling and the plink of baseball bats meeting baseballs. We biked for MILES and I'm so proud of the children's stamina!! Jack began to grow weary near the end and made several attempts to coax us into stopping and picnicking at every opportunity, but really considering the heat, the terrain and the fact they are kids, I think they did wonderfully! ;D I didn't stop at simply bike riding either!! Once we'd returned to our start point we loaded the bikes into the van and then set off hiking!!! We stopped off at one of the nature centers for a potty break, to get new pencils, pet a couple of snakes and play some games, then headed out the other side of the building to continue on our adventure. We saw Elk headed for a swim, Geese and Goslings, a Blue Bird, fish, frogs and all manner of wild life. I'd signed up for a Waymarking site and we searched out some particular monuments to log on the site. We spent literally hours at the park and I KNOW the kids will sleep like LOGS!!!! ( I HOPE they sleep like logs!! )

For now, here are some pics... I need to go and do a quick tick search and then put the grubby kiddoes into a nice cool bath!! ;D


Jack needed a helping hand on some of the hills!!!




Jack watching an ant on a tree trunk!! ( The tree turned out to have a hollow limb that was home to at least one angry wasp....!! )


Jessie kept an eye on the bird population!


Jack took his little bug net and tried to swipe a few critters to study!


Finally time to stop for the picnic! You may not be able to tell in these pics, but the kids were SHATTERED!!!




Once the bikes were back in the van it was time for the hiking part of our program!!



Sandals and mulch don't work too well.....!!!



Jack LOVED this drinking fountain!! ;D


We really enjoyed this suspension bridge! It was great fun to make it swing and jump! The kids hated LOVED it.....ahem.....!!!


Here Jack and Jessie are pondering just what may have made the rather large, deep hole in the ground! My money was on Man Eating Scorpions, but they weren't having any of that!!!


A lovely day all round! Only Ice Cream could have improved it!! ;D

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Visty said...

So cute! What a great park. And the fountain...can't we have a fountain like that in our backyard? How awesome would that be?