Monday, March 30

Parental Guidance suggested... and ignored!

So the other day we were watching the Drew Carey Show.... * sigh * yes... I know.... but honestly the stuff that is apparently suitable for children really isn't and Jessie's tastes seem to have moved away from child based shows on to more adult humour, even if most of it is over her head. As the show began hubby and I looked at each other and quietly shrugged. Jessie was thrilled to watch and, eh, what harm could it do.....


This episode happened to be the one where, in order to raise money to buy a Pwhlli to replace the one Drew had "accidentally" shaved and castrated, the gang decide to strip naked for money, a la the Full Monty. Too late to turn the channel NOW Baker family, we just have to keep a straight face and bear up to the parenting challenge. We were doing fine, explaining just what HAD happened to the dogs testicles, exactly WHY the men thought that taking off their clothes would make them some cash and so on and so on..... well... we were managing just fine until one of the characters decided that he had "surprisingly red hair" and was just too ashamed to go on with the show, which left Drew a man short. As Drew was at the bar trying to figure out what to do, a friend of his appeared and said he would love to strip too as he'd just got out of jail and really needed the extra cash. Drew was not sure it was a good idea so Ex-con asked Drew if he would like to see just what he brought to the party. Both men stepped behind the bar, a zipper sound was heard, Drew gulped a large mouthful of drink, slammed the glass on the bar and said "You're IN" !!

Jessie turned and looked at Daddy, then looked at me.....

"Mom....What DID he bring to the party???"

"Um.... " I stuttered, thinking fast ...." Cheese and crackers I think......."



Catonine said...

You definitely need to mark this one to be read by your daughter at the age of 25.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

LOL! :)