Thursday, September 25

Held to a higher standard...!

Jessie said to me the other day... "Mom, I don't like it when you use bad words like "Damn it" or "shut up" !! Ahem. Shut up!?? Oh dear!! I thanked her for her opinion and am working on watching my potty mouth!!! ;P I thought I HAD been watching my mouth, but you know how these things sneak up on you!!!


Sheri said...

Funny how that works. Ronin told me yesterday that he was watching a movie that said a "really bad" word. Turns out it was "crap". Lol...gotta love it.

Andi said...

I made an effort to cut down on all my swearing a while ago and actually stuck to it surprisingly!

But even I laugh when Georgia who is almost 17 says Biscuit instead of bitch!

Lucy said...

I don't like the phrase, "Shut up!" either so a while ago I taught my dc to say it in French - the polite way. Even my 3 yo knows how to say, "Fermez la bouche s'il vous plait." Maybe I will need to teach some more French words around here! I am trying to get my 10 yo to stop saying, "Darn it!" If only I knew how to say it in French!