Friday, March 14

AP Parenting and parental pride! :D

Or, how proud I am of my hubby....! :D

The other day my dear and sweet daughter found the scissors and cut off her bangs. Seriously! She did!!! I know I shouldn't be shocked, but she is a SENSIBLE CHILD!!!! I honestly thought that those days were way behind us and we had got lucky!!! I was really surprised!! ( I know, I know, stupid me! ) The only way I realised though, was when I went in the bathroom and discovered a bunch of looong hair on the floor. I knew it wasn't mine, Jack's, hubby's, the cats, the dogs... etc!! ... I called sweetly down the stairs.... "Oh Jessie?!?! Cherub?!!? Did you cut your hair my sweet lamb?!!? " LOL!! ( or words to that effect...!! ) She came up the stairs and admitted that yes, she had, because it was in her eyes. She'd hacked it right from the roots!!!! GAH!!!!!!! Oh my!!! Funnily enough it really didn't look too bad, and yes, it sure did keep it out of her eyes...!!

I regaled my husband with the tale over our dinner table that night. He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said "Well, I guess they all do it at some point !" !!! and that was IT !!! I thought he'd go nutty!!!!! I suppose if she'd SHAVED it ALL off he may have been a little more verbose, but as it was, it was pretty darned low key!! :D

I'm proud of 'em both! Jessie, for taking the situation and fixing it all by herself! And hubby, for not going bananas and accepting that it's her hair and her head and if she wants to cut off her hair, then I suppose it's her business! ;D

What a pair! ;D


Risa said...

Well done both of you. Our mantra around here is "If it's not life threatening or morally threatening, let it be." Can be awfully hard to follow in the moment, though. :-)

Sherry said...

It's nice to see you blogging again... I've missed reading them. :) Great job on holding it together! Our oldest did this a year ago and we were so shocked we *couldn't* say anything to her!

Sheri said...

Yeah, I'm so happy that you're back to writing. I've missed the posts!

Self inflicted haircuts such a lovely and somewhat painful right of passage.