Monday, July 8

Lemon water wake up and a giveaway!!! Whoot!! **edited**

****And the winner, chosen randomly by Rafflecopter is Wendie Tobin!!****

Congratulations, Wendie!!  

So last night I watched Celebrity Wife Swap!  I know, I know.....  it was on, it was hot out and I was too lazy to get up and find the remote... BUT I actually enjoyed it!!  They had Tiffany ( you know, "I think we're alone now"...  sorry to get that stuck in your head! ) and another celebrity who I know I have seen before but I can't remember her name.... oh alRIGHT I'll look it up! :D Nia Peeples!  There ya go!  Aaaaanyway, Nia is all about health AND they live on the beach....!  She likes to drink Lemon Water for digestion and health and all that good stuff, so I looked it up online and made some this morning.  It's just basically warm water and half a lemon squeezed in it!  BUT they recommend you use a straw to save your teeth!!!  I've been meaning to get some reusable straws for ages but was worried that with glass straws Millie is SURE to break them and then cut herself so I'd been looking for something else in the meantime.  I found these awesome looking Stainless Steel ones ( and they come with a handy cleaning brush because otherwise.. ewww!!)   I decided to order a set and thought, hey!  Maybe someone else would like some too!  SO I decided to host my first ever giveaway!  The trouble I'm having though is getting the widget to show up on my blog!! LOL!!  So here's the link to it!!

4 Stainless Steel Straws (and cleaner) giveaway

See if you can get it to work for you and let me know if not!!!  The giveaway runs for a week so there's time for me to finagle it!

Good luck! ;D

***  I have since heard that many people may prefer Glass Straws  there is an option to trade the 4 stainless steel for ONE glass straw if that is preferred! :D  Please state your preference! :D***


2tiredmom said...

Too funny. I haven't watched TV since...well since the last time I watched "So You Think You Can Dance" at a certain wonderful friend's house...but I remember Nia Peeples from "Fame" - the TV show, not the movie - so I probably would have gotten sucked in too! Oh...and I love giveaways!

Wendie Tobin said...

I'm sharing! (And, I'm all about the glass.)